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Welcome to the Online Office of Ronald Birnbaum, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®

Ron Birnbaum has been an independent financial advisor since 1993. He specializes in estate and financial planning for high net worth clients while implementing tax efficient strategies.

His knowledge of financial planning topics extends to qualified accounts (401k, SEP, IRA, Keogh, Roth IRA, etc.), alternative investments, retirement planning, reducing taxes, income generation, and Real Estate securities.  Ron’s experience in estate planning helps clients to navigate through decisions regarding retirement assets while also creating a living legacy for their heirs.  In addition to being a Massachusetts licensed insurance agent, Ron has also been providing 1031 replacement properties for his clients since 2003.   He has formulated an investment platform that allows his clients to invest as institutional investors do, in a variety of non-traded securities which many advisors do not have access to.  His Modified Endowment Program allows clients to invest in similar assets to Institutional Investors.

What I attribute to the Success
of Creative Wealth Advisors, LLC:

  • Unparalleled Commitment To Clients
  • Creative Investing according to our economic climate – we pick the asset classes that should perform best in the coming economic environment.
  • Modified Endowment Program

The CLU®, ChFC®, and CASL®, marks are the property of The American College, which reserves sole rights to its use, and is used by permission.

Latest Articles

Minimize those taxes when selling highly appreciated real estate

In my 24 years as a financial advisor,  I have been asked by many clients how to sell investment real estate without having to pay a high tax bill. Today’s top tax capital gains bracket is 23.8%, including the Affordable Healthcare Act tax surcharge. But taxes on investment real estate…

What is a DST?

A Delaware Statutory Trust Exchange (DST) leverages Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Service Code, allowing real estate investors to exchange current holdings for new ones, while deferring the capital gains taxes that ordinarily would be due. DST Ownership: DST investments are structured to defer capital gains taxes in accordance with…

1031 Exchange Sales

1031 Exchanges

Overview of 1031 Real Estate Exchanges Section (§) 1031 is the IRS code regarding real estate that allows capital gains taxes to be deferred on a sale by moving the equity and debt of the property being sold to a new property of equal or greater value.   The current…