Wealth Advising

We work with individuals on their wealth management strategy and have tools that provide people with the knowledge and resources that can help them be comfortable with their savings and investing plan.

Modified Endowment Program*

Our Modified Endowment Program (MEP) enables our investors to invest as the large University Endowments invest.  Some of these Endowments, particularly those of Yale, Princeton, and Harvard Universities have little exposure to traditional stocks and bonds.  They have an emphasis on alternative investments including Real Estate, Private Equity, and Natural Resources.  Our MEP enables clients to diversify into a variety of appropriate asset classes.  *Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Creative Investment Strategy – What is Creative Investing?

Creative Investing entails:

  • Investment strategies that incorporate economic conditions by identifying investments in the current and likely future economic environment
  • Investing in a wide range of investment sectors to diversify portfolio risk and increase returns
  • Providing integrated financial solutions to meet your individual goals, which include:
    – Mitigating risk
    – Maximizing growth
    – Creating lifetime income
    – Maintaining a tax-efficient portfolio
  • Offering reassurance through the use of a fully independent
    broker/dealer and a secure, well-established custodian

Is Creative Investing Right For You?

At Creative Wealth Advisors LLC, we listen to you. Our job is to help you identify your goals, and then determine which investment strategy will work best for you to accomplish those goals.  We can help you build, protect, and preserve your assets.  We hope to give you an income you can not outlive.


Make an appointment today to schedule a ‘complimentary financial physical’ with Ron Birnbaum, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®. This is a complimentary opportunity for you to review your portfolio and your financial goals. Ron can help you learn if your portfolio matches your expectations, and recommend changes to help you try to achieve your goals.

*Non-traded and alternative investments contain risks that may not be appropriate for all investors. Risks include: illiquidity, inflation, financing, cap-rate expansion, potential to lose entire investment, etc.